Logging Requests

Logging Requests

Contacts and Support Reps with valid login credentials can log into the application and raise a request. Create a request from the following locations:


You can also import requests in bulk. Learn how to do this here.


If you do not have valid login credentials, head here to learn how to create a request.​​​​

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      Linking requests allows you to keep track of requests from different contacts with similar issues. Linking requests is a unidirectional operation with two entities viz. linked request and referenced request. If request A is linked to request B, then ...
    • Requests Tab

      Click Requests from the application header. This displays the request list view page. On this page, click New.    Fill out the displayed request form as discussed here.
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      Merging allows you to combine multiple requests into a single request. Merging creates a parent-child relationship. If request A is merged to request B, then request A is the child and request B is the parent. All-time entries, notes, conversations, ...
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      You can import requests in bulk into the application. Support reps with complete permissions for the request module can perform this operation.   To import requests, Go to Requests. This opens the list view of existing requests. Click Actions >> ...
    • View contact requests

      There are two methods to view all requests raised by a contact.   Method 1:  1. To view all requests raised by a contact, click Request tab and click the search button in the Request List View. 2. In the contact name search box, enter the contact ...