Home Page

Home Page

The help desk home page serves as the landing page after a successful login for all users with assigned roles other than guest users. The home page has two tabs: My view and Scheduler.


My View is a customizable view of a grid of widgets.



Widgets serve as quick-reference and are available in the home page under My View tab. The following widgets are available by default.


My Summary

This widget provides information such as Requests Overdue, Request Due Today, and Pending Requests.


My Tasks

This widget lists all tasks that were assigned to/created by the logged-in user. You can also add new tasks from this widget. To do this, click
New Task.  


  1. To view all tasks, click Show all.
  2. You can add only general tasks from My Tasks widget. Tasks specific to a module can be added only from the respective modules.


My Approvals


The My Approval widget lists all pending approvals.




The announcement widget lists all announcements made. You can also create new announcements. To do so, click Add New.


My Reminder(s)


This widget lists all reminders. You can also add new reminders from this widget. To do this, click Add New.  


  1. To view all reminders, click Show all.
  2. You can add only general reminders from My Reminder(s) widget. Reminders specific to a module can be added only from the respective modules.



The scheduler provides information such as support rep availability, backup support reps etc in a calendar view.



The calendar view is called My Schedule. Support Reps can use the calender view to perform the following actions.


Marking Leave


    1. To mark leave, hover over the preferred date and click mark leave icon.

    2. Set leave type, date range, and comments.

    3. Finally, click Save.


Setting Reminders


    1. To set a reminder, hover over the preferred date and click reminder icon.

    2. Provide necessary comments and click Add.


For more details on reminders, click here.


Adding Tasks


    1. To add a task, hover over the preferred date and click add task icon.

    2. Fill in the necessary task details.

    3. Finally, click Save.


For more details on adding tasks, click here.



Options to add tasks and reminders are not available for dates in the past.

Logged-In Support Reps


To view currently logged-in support reps, click Logged-In Support Reps.


A filter to view online or offline support reps is available on the top-left corner and a search box is available on the top-right corner.

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