Solution Approval

Solution Approval

Only approved solutions can be used to resolve a request. Depending on your organization's policy, a support rep can approve any solution or submit it for approval to another person in the organization.

The solution status is displayed in both the solution list view and the solution details page.

Approval status in list view:

Approval status in details page:

To approve a solution:

    1. Go to the Solutions tab and then click the title of the desired solution.

    2. To approve the solution, select Approve Solution from the Approve Actions drop-down menu.

    3. Add the approval comments and click Approve.


To submit the solution for approval:

    1. Go to the Solutions tab and then click the title of the desired solution.

    2. Select Submit for Approval from the Approve Actions drop-down menu.

    3. Now, in the pop-up window, click the icon and add one or more users, customize subject and message and then finally click send for approval. 


To reject a solution:

    1. Go to the Solutions tab and then click the title of the desired solution.

    2. Select Reject Solution from the Approve Actions drop-down menu.

    3. Add rejection comments and click Reject.



To approve or reject solutions in bulk, select one or more solution(s) from the solution list view and then select the appropriate option from the Actions drop-down menu.


  1. Submit for approval is not a bulk operation.
  2. Unapproved solutions do not appear in the Requests module.
  3. Unapproved solutions do not appear in web-portal even if checked to publish in the self-service portal.
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