Solution Approval

Solution Approval

Only approved solutions can be used to resolve a request. Depending on your organization's policy, a support rep can approve any solution or submit it for approval to another person in the organization.

The solution status is displayed in both the solution list view and the solution details page.

Approval status in list view:

Approval status in details page:

To approve a solution:

    1. Go to the Solutions tab and then click the title of the desired solution.

    2. To approve the solution, select Approve Solution from the Approve Actions drop-down menu.

    3. Add the approval comments and click Approve.


Submit for approval  

The newly added solutions have to be approved by the concerned support rep, in order to be viewed by the requesters in the self-service portal. To provide access permission to approve solutions refer to Configuring Roles.

To submit for approval,

  1. From the solutions list view page, select Unapproved Solutions from the filter showing combo box. The list of all unapproved solutions gets displayed.

  2. Click the subject of the solution which you want to submit for approval. This opens the View Solutions page. The Status is shown as Unapproved below the Solution Id.

  3. Select Submit for Approval under the Approve Actions combo box on the right hand side of the page. The Submit for approval window pops up.

  4. The Subject and Description is entered as given in Notification Rules email template. If needed you can modify the subject and description content manually, else you can change the same from the Notification Rules email template under Helpdesk.

  5. To add attachments, click Attach File button.

Click Send to submit the solution for approval.



The mail notification is sent to the person who was addressed in the To field of the notification. The mail contains the link to the specific solution which needs approval. On clicking the link, it leads you to the login screen, where on providing the proper credentials, the solution awaiting approval opens. To approve/reject solutions refer Approve/Reject Solutions.‚Äč 

To reject a solution:

    1. Go to the Solutions tab and then click the title of the desired solution.

    2. Select Reject Solution from the Approve Actions drop-down menu.

    3. Add rejection comments and click Reject.



To approve or reject solutions in bulk, select one or more solution(s) from the solution list view and then select the appropriate option from the Actions drop-down menu.


  1. Submit for approval is not a bulk operation.
  2. Unapproved solutions do not appear in the Requests module.
  3. Unapproved solutions do not appear in web-portal even if checked to publish in the self-service portal.

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