Notification Rules

Notification Rules

SupportCenter Plus allows you to define notification rules based on various criteria to automate notifications. Automated notifications are useful to keep various stakeholders updated on important changes and events. 

SupportCenter Plus offers a set of predefined notification rules for requests, tasks, solutions, approvals, and mobile app.  


To configure a notification rule: 

    1. Go to Admin>>Main Settings>> Notification Rules.

    2. Click the relevant tab to view the list of predefined notification rules.

    3. Enable one or more rules of your choice using the checkbox(es) against the rule. For example, if you want your contact to be notified when the request is closed, enable the rule Acknowledge contact by e-mail when the request is closed under the Requests tab. 

The notifications will be sent using default email templates. To customize it: 

    1. Click Customize Template against the desired rule.

    2. Modify the email subject and body as required. You can also add dynamic content using variables. To insert a variable, use the $ sign. For example, $TaskTitle will dynamically get updated to the appropriate task title.

    3. Finally, click Save.

By default, the email notifications are in Rich Text format. To change this, click Plain Text Formatting on the top-right corner. 

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