System Requirements

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for SupportCenter Plus:  

Inbound Requests Per Day

Hard Disk Type




10x - Less than 100



1.7GHz to 2.4GHz
10MB to 12MB Cache
4 cores to 8 cores
or Any entry-level server-grade processor

E.g: Intel Xeon Scalable - Bronze/Silver,Intel Xeon E Family

Windows Server


RHEL 8 or above
Ubuntu 14.0 or above

Cent OS 8 (SE)

100x - Upto 1000



2.4GHz to 3.0GHz

12MB to 20MB Cache
6 cores to 8 cores
or equivalent technology
E.g: Intel Xeon E Family

1000x- More than 1000

2TB#/3TB* - SSD


3.0GHz to 4.5GHz
12MB to 30 MB Cache
10 cores to 20 cores
or equivalent technology
E.g: Intel Xeon Scalable Gold/Platinum


* - When bundled PostgreSQL is configured as a database

# - More size required if request description/conversations and attachments etc are prone to be more, given business usage.

Supported Browsers: 
  • Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • IE Edge

Non-GUI Windows machines (or Server Core installation) are not supported.
Additional Requirements:


If your SupportCenter Plus runs on an MSSQL setup, then make sure to host the database server in a separate machine under the same network as the application server. The DB server machine configuration solely depends on the no of databases configured and the usage. Please consult with your DBA or Microsoft MSSQL support for system requirements.

Supported MSSQL Versions: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019. 

Antivirus Exception

Any antivirus or firewall running on the same system as SupportCenter Plus can prevent the application from running. We recommend you to add SupportCenter Plus directories to the exempt list of the antivirus or firewall.
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