View, edit, delete, and other solution-related actions

View, edit, delete, and other solution-related actions

Solutions list view  

Solution list view page displays the list of all solutions. Click the Solutions tab to view the solutions list view page. You can view the solutions with different status levels using filters. Click All Solutions to display the list of solution filters. Solution filters are listed below.

  • All Solutions

All the solutions excluding expired solution can be viewed in this category.

  • Approved Solutions

Approved solutions are listed in this category.

  • Approval Pending Solutions

Solutions which are sent for approval are listed in this category.

  • Unapproved Solutions

Solutions which are not approved and have to be sent for approval are listed in this category.

  • Rejected Solutions

Rejected solutions are listed in this category.

  • Due for Review in Next 30 Days

Solutions approaching the review date in the next 30 days are listed in this category.

  • Review Overdue

Solutions that have crossed the review date are listed in this category.

  • Solutions Without Review Date

Solutions without the review date are listed in this category.

  • Expiring in Next 15 Days

Solutions approaching the expiry date in the next 15 days are listed in this category.

  • Solutions Without Expiry Date

Solutions without the expiry date are listed in this category.

  • Expired Solutions

Expired solutions are listed in this category.


Solutions list view page follows a color-coding scheme to list the approved, unapproved and rejected solutions with the public/private mode.

- Rejected solutions

- Unapproved solutions

- Approved solutions

- Solutions that are public (available for technicians and requesters/selected user groups)

- Solutions that are private (available only for technicians)



This option allows you to perform quick actions from the solutions list view page. Click Actions to perform the below-listed actions.

  • Approve Solutions

  • Reject Solutions 

  • Delete

View Solution Details 
The Solution Details page displays Solution ID, Subject, Type, Category and Approval Status of the solution. You can view Attached Files and Keywords below the description and other details such as Created By, Created On, Last Updated By, Last Updated On, Type, Views, View Type (whether Public or Private), Status of the solution, Solution Owner, Review Date, and Expiry Date under the Solution Info. History tab lists the activities on a solution.  

To view the details of a solution:

  • Click Solutions and click Subject link/Solution ID.

You can Edit and Forward the solution from the Solution Details page. An administrator can perform Approval Actions such as Submit the solution for approval to higher authorities and Approve/Reject solutions.


You can move from one solution page to another using arrow keys  

  • To mark a solution as expired, click Actions-->Mark as Expired. Expired solutions will be watermarked as Expired in the Solution Details page.

  • To mark an expired solution as active, click Actions-->Mark as Active.

  • To delete a solution, click Actions-->Delete.


Points to Note  

  • Solution approval status will be displayed on the upper right of the Solution Details page.  

  • When a solution is due for review, a notification will be displayed on the top of the page. You can review the solution and extend the review date or mark as expired by clicking Edit solution to change the review date.

A sample notification is shown below.

Edit solution  

To edit a specific solution,

  1. From the solutions list view page, click the Subject link of the solution which you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit button available on the Solutions Details page.

  3. In Edit Solutions page, make the necessary modifications. The title, contents, and the topic under which you wish to place the solution are mandatory fields. You can also add more attachments or delete existing ones.

  4. Click Save button. If you do not want to save the changes and get back to the solutions listing, click Cancel.

  5. On saving the solution, the status of the solution shows Unapproved. The solution has to be submitted for approval to the concerned support reps. To know more on refer Submit for Approval.

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