Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a commitment between the client and the service provider regarding a number of metrics like resolution time and response time. SupportCenter Plus allows you to configure SLAs based on your requirement and automatically apply those SLAs on requests matching configured criteria.

Configuring SLA 

To configure an SLA: 

    1. Go to Admin>>Main Settings>>Service Level Agreements.

    2. Click Add New SLA to go to the relevant form.

    3. Now, provide the necessary details.   

SLA Name

Provide a name for the SLA. This is a mandatory field.

Select Support Plan(s)

Choose the desired Support Plans. You can map multiple support plans to a Service level Agreement. This is a mandatory field.


Add a relevant description.

Radio buttons: Match ALL of the following and Match ANY of the following

Choose the required option. The former options applies SLA on requests only when all criteria are matched. The latter applies the SLA on requests when at least one of the criteria matches.

Dropdown: Select Criteria

Select one of the request properties (fields) and choose the required value.

SLA Time Fields: Any request matching the above rules should be responded within and Any request matching the above rules should be resolved within

Set response and resolution times.

Exception Checkboxes

You can add exception to SLAs like application of irrespective of Operational Hours, Weekends, and Holidays.

Escalation based on Response Time

Check the Enable Level 1 Escalation, to automatically escalate the request when the configured response time is breached.

Escalation based on resolution Time

Check the appropriate level of escalation checkbox, to automatically escalate the request when the configured resolution time is breached.


      4.   Finally, click Save.


Organizing SLA 

SLAs are applied in an orderly fashion. This means the SLAs must be organized in decreasing order of importance.


To organize SLAs: 

    1.  Go to Admin>>Main Settings>>Service Level Agreements.

    2. Click Organize SLA.

    3. In the pop-up that appears, select and move the SLAs up or down based on your preference.

    4. Finally, click Save. 

View, edit, or delete SLAs

All SLAs are listed under the SLA configuration page. To access it, go to Admin>> Main Settings>>Service Level Agreements. 

  • To view or edit an SLA, click the SLA name or edit icon. To edit, make necessary changes and click Save.

  • To delete, select one or more SLAs using the checkboxes and click Delete.

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