Search Requests

Search Requests

The search feature in SupportCenter Plus allows you to find all request-related information easily and accurately.

Global search will be applied only when Lucene is enabled.

  • Click the Search icon in the header and select Requests, as shown in the screenshot:

  • Select specific fields under Request for more granular results.

When you select Default Search, you can search through all Request fields, such as Category, Status, Priority, and so on.

To search only under specific Request fields such as Notes, Work Log, Resolution, and Request ID, select the field and search. You can search through these fields by using support rep names and the description.

Under Archived Requests, you can select the Default search and search by Request ID.

In the Requester login, only Default Search is supported.

If you have enabled keyboard shortcuts, press / to open the global search.

  • Click the Search button next to the Action drop-down, as shown below: 

You will now be able to search through all the columns you have selected to be displayed in the Request List view.

You cannot search for requests using any of the Date fields.

If you have enabled keyboard shortcuts, press S to open the column search.

In this search, you can use Advanced Filter to sort and display requests that meet certain criteria. This option is available only on the request list view. Click here to learn more.

Bulk Actions for Search Results

You can perform the following bulk actions to the requests displayed under the search results:

  • Edit

  • Delete

  • Pick up

  • Assign

  • Close

  • Merge

  • Link

  • Print Job Sheet


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