Request Details Page

Request Details Page

The request details page provides the particulars of a request in a distinguished manner, thus helping support reps easily find information about the request.

The request details page contains three sections:
  • The left pane consists of the list of all requests. Hover over a request and click  to open the details page of that request. Click > on the top left to open this list. Pin the list to juggle between requests and meanwhile avoid switching between the details page and the request list view.

  • The center pane contains section-wise information about the request such as details, resolution, tasks, time entries, analysis, and history.

    • Details: This tab lists the request properties and other request details such as support rep assigned, account, template, start/end times, and so on. The request conversation and attachments are also listed in this tab. Learn more about request conversations here.

    • Resolution: This tab displays the solution to the request. From this tab, you can add a resolution to the knowledge base for future reference. Learn more about resolving a request here.

    • Tasks: Add and manage tasks related to the request under this tab. Learn more about this here.

    • Time Entries: Add and manage time entries for the request under this tab. Learn more about time entries here.

    • Time Analysis: This tab gives a clear picture of, how long the the request was handled by each support rep, stayed in each group and stayed in different statuses. Learn more about time analysis here.

    • History: This tab lists down all request activities and the corresponding time, starting from creation to closure, including status updates, approvals, notifications, conversations, time entries, etc.

  • The right pane contains a summary of the request which helps to assess the request without having the need to look into every detail. 

Here's a screenshot of a sample request details page:


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