Create Solution

Create Solution

To create a new solution,

    1. Go to Solutions and click New.

    2. Now, provide the necessary details as required. The default solution fields are as follows.




To give solution a title. This is a mandatory field.


The solution content like steps to resolve an issue goes here. Click the Insert Video icon, upload videos from computer or provide the YouTube video link and click Insert. You can upload videos in the .MP4 or .WEBM format. This is a mandatory field.

To add attachments like images, videos and files.


Used to organize a solution. Select an appropriate option from the dropdown list. To know more about topics, click here.


Add appropriate keywords for better search results.

Solution Owner

To designate a support rep as the solution owner.

Review Date

A solution may be required to be reviewed on a periodical basis either due to the changes in business policy or due to any product related changes.  You can set a date for review of the solution here.

Expiry Date

You can set an expiry date for solutions


Add any additional information.

Publish this solution in Self-Service Portal also

Enable the checkbox to make the solution accessible to contacts in the web-portal.

    3. Finally, click Add if the solution is to be approved later or click Add and Approve to add and approve the solution immediately. To know more about solution approval, click here.


Notification Rules can be configured for expiry/review dates under Admin > Notification Rules > Solution.



Solution Facts  

  • When a solution approaches the review date, the technician(Solution owner) assigned will be notified, based on the Notify Solution owner(s) n days before the solution Review date configured in the notification rules.

  • Solutions created without expiry date will never expire.

  • Solution owner reviews a solution article and can extend the review date or mark it as expired.

  • Solution owners can change/modify the review/expiry date.

Expired solutions will not be shown under the Resolution tab of a request and in Projects module.
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