Creating a Solution

Creating a Solution

To create a new solution: 

    1. Go to the Solutions tab and then click New.

    2. Now, provide the necessary details as required. The default solution fields are as follows.




To give solution a title. This is a mandatory field.


The solution content like steps to resolve an issue goes here. This is a mandatory field.


To add attachments like images and files.


Used to organize a solution. Select an appropriate option from the dropdown list. To know more about topics, click here.


Add appropriate keywords for better search results.

Solution Owner

To designate a support rep as the solution owner.

Review Date

A solution may be required to be reviewed on a periodical basis either due to the changes in business policy or due to any product related changes.  You can set a date for review of the solution here.

Expiry Date

You can set an expiry date for solutions


Add any additional information.

Publish this solution in Self-Service Portal also

Enable the checkbox to make the solution accessible to contacts in the web-portal.

    3. Finally, click Add if the solution is to be approved later or click Add and Approve to add and approve the solution immediately. To know more about solution approval, click here.

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