Add new contract

Add new contract

To add a new contract: 

    1. Go to the Contracts tab and then click Add New Contract.

    2. In the form that appears, fill in the necessary contract details as required. The default contract fields are as follows. 

Field Name



Select the customer account to which you want to associate the contract. This is a mandatory field.

Support Plan

Select the Support Plan of your choice from the list. To create a new support plan, click here. This is a mandatory field.

Contract Number

Provide a contract number. This is a mandatory field.

Contract Name

Provide a contract name. This is a mandatory field.


Add a relevant description of the contract.

Start Date and Expiry Date

Enter the contract period. These are mandatory fields

Checkbox: Apply Contract to All Requests raised by this account.

Use this checkbox if you want to apply this contract to all requests from the associated account.  If this option is not selected, then you have to specify the products to which the contract should be applied.


This is a dynamic field dependent on the status of the previous checkbox. Select one or more products using the combo-box to which the contract has to be applied.

Contract Expiry Notification Fields: Notify before, Notify after, Send notification after(%)

Choose support reps or enter email ids to be to send notifications about the contract expiry. The fields Notify before and Notify after are used to send notifications based on the contract period in a certain number of days. The field Send notification after is used to send notifications based on contract allowance usage in percentage.


Add relevant images or files.

Bill Date

Select a date for contract billing.

Billing Email

Choose support reps or enter emails ids to which the bill has to be sent.

Date format

Enter the preferred date format for billing.


Enter the currency format.

Pay before

Enter the pay before date to be mentioned on bills


Enter discount in percentage if applicable.

Tax details

Associate the appropriate tax type to the contract using the multi-select pick-list. To add a new tax type, click Add New Tax Type and provide a name and tax rate and click Save. 


          3.    Finally, click Save.

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