Support Plan

Support Plan

Support Plan allows you to define the billing cycle, billing mode, charging etc. 

To create a support plan: 

    1. Go to Admin>>Billing>>Support Plan.

    2. Click Add New Support Plan to go to the relevant form

    3. Now, provide the relevant details as discussed below.  

Support Plan Name

Provide a name. This is a mandatory field.

Support Plan Type

Choose how to charge, viz. Per hour, per Request or Fixed Charge.

Billing Mode

Choose mode: Postpaid or Prepaid.

Bill Cycle

Choose a preferred bill cycle.

Fixed Charges

Add fixed base charge, allowance in hours. Also, choose an appropriate option for additional usage. You can either block requests or accept requests at extra charges when the allowance is consumed.

Additional Usage Charges

If chosen to charge additional usage, then choose fixed or differential charges and provide necessary details.

Checkbox: Carry forward unused allowance

Check this box to allow hourly allowance to be carried forward.

Checkbox: Allow Support Rep to enter additional charges

Check this box to allow Support Reps to enter additional charges.

Checkbox: Allow Support Rep to overwrite the time taken to resolve

Check this box to allow Support Reps to change time taken to resolve a request.

Checkbox: Deduct only Operational Hours from allowance

Check this box to deduct only operational hours from the allowance. Non-operational hours will be charged based on the support plan.

This option is applicable only when additional usage charge is enabled with differential cost per hour charges.

Associated Top up Plans (applicable for prepaid billing mode only)

Select the preferred top up plans.


        4.   Finally, click Save.

Postpaid Support Plan Creation Page:

Prepaid Support Plan Creation Page:


Default Support Plan:

To make a support plan as default, go to Admin>> Billing>>Support Plan and click the green checkmark and click OK to confirm.


View, edit, or delete support plans


All support plans are listed under the support plan configuration page. To access it, go to Admin>> Billing>>Support Plan. 

  • To view details or edit a support plan, click the plan name or edit icon. To edit, make necessary changes and click Update.

  • To delete, select one or more request support plans using the checkboxes and click Delete. 

Deleting a support plan that is already associated with a contract will be marked as inactive.
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