Zoom Integration

Zoom Integration

Zoom integration allows you to extend Zoom functionalities to SupportCenter Plus. 

This is an application-wide configuration.


To set up Zoom integration: 

    1. Go to Admin > Integrations > Zoom Integration (if only one portal is configured) or go to Global Settings > Integrations > Zoom Integration (if multiple portals are configured).

    2. Provide your Zoom mail id.

    3. To Generate client ID and client secret and code, follow these steps :

    1. Sign in to Zoom Marketplace

    2. Select 'Build App' under 'Develop' on the top right.

    3. Select Choose your app type > OAuth > Create.

    4. Create an OAuth app > Provide App Name and Choose app type > Account-level app.

    5. To publish this app on the Zoom App Marketplace > Enable it and click Create.

    6. Under App credentials>>Development, copy and paste the client ID and client secret in Zoom integration configuration of ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus.

    7. Then click Save.

    4. Copy application URL and paste it on Redirect URL and Whitelist the URL fields in Zoom marketplace

    5. To Generate Code, follow these steps:

    1. Provide Basic info in the relevant Information area. Fill out all the options shown

    2. Provide - Developer Contact Information

    3. Provide Links information also.

    4. Under Scopes, add scope and select all three options shown

      • View and manage sub account's user meetings /meeting:master

      • View all user meetings /meeting:read:admin

      • View and manage all user meetings /meeting:write:admin

    6. Under Local Test: Click Install and then click Authorize when displayed.

    7. Finally, click Save.

After integration, a meeting menu option will appear in the request details page. Also, meeting sessions will be recorded in history.

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