Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

 Zoho Assist integration allows you to provide remote access support. 

This is an application-wide configuration.

To set up Zoho Assist integration:

    1. Go to Admin > Integrations > Zoho Assist (if only one portal is configured) or go to Global Settings > Integrations > Zoho Assist (if multiple portals are configured).

    2. Go to your specific domain [ EU / CN / IN / COM/ AU ] and sign into the Developer console by using the provided Zoho login credentials.

    3. Click Add client ID to register your application.

    4. Generate client ID and client secret from Developer API console:

      1. Choose a Client type > Self client > Create now.
      2. Again choose Client type > Self client > Create. Click OK and proceed.
      3. Copy and paste the client id and client secret from the Client Secret tab

         5.   Steps for generating code from Developer API console:
                         I.  From Generate Code tab in the API console -
Provide Scope > ZohoAssist.sessionapi.CREATE

                          II.  Time Duration: 3 Minutes (The code you generate will expire in 3 minutes)
                       III.  Enter your comments for reference in the Scope Description field and click Create.
                        IV.  You can see the generated code in a popup. Copy and paste the code.

  6.   Provide your domain.

        7.   Finally, click Test Connection and Save.

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