View or add account requests

View or add account requests

You can manage requests associated with an account from the account details page.   

To view recent requests:

    1. Go to the Accounts tab and then click the desired account name. For sub-accounts, go to the Sub-Accounts section and then click the desired sub-account name.

    2. Navigate to the Recent Requests section to view all open requests associated with the account. 


To add a quick-request: 

    1. Go to the Accounts tab and then click the desired account name.

    2. Click Add New under the Recent Requests section.

    3. In the dialog box that appears, add Contact Name, Request Title, and Description.

    4. Finally, click Save. 


  1. The account field is selected by default and cannot be modified in the New Request dialog-box.
  2. To create a detailed request, click Add more Details in the new request dialog-box which leads to the request creation page.  
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