You can personalize your application by modifying any text displayed in the web interface to suit your organization needs. For example, you can change 'Requests' as 'Tickets', or 'Admin' as 'Configurations' or you can change texts to other supported languages if you are using the multi-language edition. 

These options have an application-wide impact.

To add a translation: 

    1. Go to Admin>>General Settings>>Translations (if only one portal is configured) or go to Global Settings>>General Settings>>Translations (if multiple portals are configured).
    2. Use the language filter on the top-left corner to choose the source language and do one of the following.
  • Navigate through the list of texts or use the search box to find the text that you want to be translated and click Modify. Enter the alternative text in any language and then click the tick icon.

  • To translate texts in bulk, click Find & Replace, enter appropriate values in Find and Replace fields and then click Proceed.  


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