Topic and Topic Groups

Topic and Topic Groups

Solutions are generally grouped or categorized into topics (and subtopics) so that they can be managed efficiently. Example: Generic Solutions can be grouped under a Topic called General'. Each topic can in turn contain subtopics under which another set of solutions specific to that subtopic will be grouped. Example: Solutions belonging to ServiceDesk Plus (Subtopic) application can be grouped under Softwares (Topic).

Manging Topics: You can add new topics, rename an existing topic, and move topics and subtopics to a different parent topic. This provides you with the ability to organize your solutions in a logical manner that would meet your organization's needs. 

Topics can be extended to many levels. That is, a subtopic can in turn contain several other subtopics.

Click the Solutions tab in the header pane.


Add New Topic

To add a new topic,

  1. Under Solutions > Topics, click the plus icon for adding a new topic.

  2. Enter the name of the topic in the Topic Name field.

  3. You can add the respective subtopic under the topic name which you have provided.

Once the topic is added a message is displayed stating that the new topic is added successfully.


Rename a Topic

To rename a topic,

  1. In the Topics section, when you hover under All Topics, a hamburger icon named Topic Actions will appear.

  2. Click the Rename topic that you wish to rename.

  3. Type the new name for the topic in the topic name field.

  4. Click enter.

The changes made to the topic name are displayed in the available topics list and a message is displayed above the list.


Move a Topic

To move a topic to a different parent,

  1. Drag the topics which you would like to move them to a different parent.  

If you do not want to move the topic to a different parent topic, then click Cancel

You cannot move a topic as a subtopic to its current child topic itself.

Delete a Topic:

To delete a topic,

1. In the Topics section, when you hover under All Topics, a hamburger icon named Topic Actions will appear.

2. Click the Delete topic that you wish to delete. 3. Click Delete to delete the topic or click Cancel to retain the topic. If you click Delete, then the topic is deleted and a message is displayed stating that the topic is deleted.

When a topic is deleted, by default, the solutions present under the

topic are also deleted and if there are any subtopics, you can choose to move the topics as child topics to other parent topics. Also, if you do not wish to delete the solutions that are available under the topic to be deleted, then you can move the solutions to other parent topics you selected. 

You cannot move a subtopic of the topic that is going to be deleted, as a subtopic to another child topic of the same parent topic which is going to be deleted.

Creating a Topic Group  


To create a topic group:


1. Go to Solutions tab.

2. Click the icon on the left-side pane and click Add New Topic Group.

4. Provide the following details.


Field Name


Topic Group Name

Provide a unique name. This is a mandatory field.


Add a relevant description


Select the topics that you want to be added to the topic group

Access Options

Select whether this topic group is applicable for all accounts or selected accounts.


       5. Finally, click Save.

A typical topic group creation form:


View, edit, or delete topic groups   

You can perform various actions on topic groups from the topic group list view. To access it, go to Solutions and select Topic Groups from the icon on the left-side pane.


  • To edit the details, click the topic group name and then click Edit Topic Group. Make necessary changes and then click Update.


  1. Click Delete Topic Group, to delete a particular Topic Groups


  1. If you want to delete the topic group, click Delete, else click Cancel.




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