Time Entries

Time Entries

You can manage all time entries of requests and tasks under time entries list view. To access it, go to Billing>>Time Entries. 

By default, time entries across accounts are listed. To view entries of specific accounts, click Specific Accounts from Accounts dropdown and then select the required accounts. 

To view entries in specific date range/ time period, select an appropriate option from Date Filter.

 By default, time entries are grouped by Account Name. You can also group by support rep or disable grouping. To do this, click Group by dropdown and select an option. You can view total time spent and billable time of support reps and amount to be paid by the customer. 

  • To edit an entry, click the summary line. Make necessary changes and then click Update time entry.

  • To delete an entry, select one or more time entries and click Delete.

  • To export as IIF File, select one or more time entries and the click Export as IIF file.

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