Task Template

Task Template

Tasks are used to break down a larger activity into smaller workable units. They are available under multiple modules and can be used for multiple purposes. Task template allows you to save time instead of creating a new task from scratch. 

To create a task template: 

    1. Go to Admin>>Helpdesk Customizer>>Task Template.

    2. Click Add New to go to the relevant form.

    3. Now, provide template name, title, and other relevant details as required. You can also mark the task template as inactive using the Mark this Template Inactive checkbox. 





To give a title to the task. This is a mandatory Field


To mark task status such as Open, Closed, Assigned, Resolved among others. This is a mandatory field.


Provide a relevant description.

Estimated Effort

Enter an estimated time required to complete the task.


You can select a group to work on the task


To set task priority such as Low, Medium, Normal, and High.


To select a support rep as the task owner.

Toggle button: Mark/Assign

You can either Mark or Assign the Task to a Group or Support Rep using the toggle button. Marking is used when you want to Assign the Task later.

Additional Cost

Enter any additional costs incurred.


To provide some additional information.

Requires on-site visit

Used to mark a task that requires an on-site visit.


         4.   Finally, click Save.



View, edit, disable, or delete task templates


All task templates are listed under the task template configuration page. To access it, go to Admin>> Helpdesk Customizer>>Task Template.


  • To view or edit a task template, click the template name. To edit, make necessary changes and click Update Task.

  • To disable a task template, click the checkmark icon against the task template.

  • To delete, select one or more task templates using the checkboxes and click the delete icon.

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