Task Template

Task Template

Certain tasks need to be repeated by the Support Reps for different users and scenarios. With Task Template, repeated tasks can be pre defined thus saving time on creating and assigning tasks to the Support Reps.

Task Template can be applied while adding tasks to a request, problem or change.    

Role Required: SDAdmin and HelpdeskConfig.


Configuring New Task Templates  

Go to Admin  > Templates & Forms > Task Template > New Task Template.


Fill out the required details in the displayed form.



Use the table below for reference:




A general task template can be associated with all modules. A request/ project task template can be associated only with their respective modules.

Template name

Specify a unique name for the task.


Specify an appropriate title.


Select a status from the drop-down menu.


Briefly describe the objective of the template.

Estimated effort

Mentions the estimated time to complete the task.


Mark the priority of your task.

Additional Costs

Mention the additional costs the task might incur.


Select the group which will handle the task.


Select a technician to work on the task.


Decide when to assign the task to a technician. You can assign immediately or mark the task and assign it manually later.

The task notification will be sent to the technician only after the task is assigned.

Task Type

Select the task type.


Enter relevant comments to be displayed to the technician, such as special instructions or exceptions.


Click Save. Click the arrow to view additional save options.


Associating task template to request template  

In some cases, Support Reps assigned a task in a request may not have access to view the request details. The Associate Request Properties feature allows the technician assigned to a task to view specific fields of a request. 

  1. From the task template list vew, click the associate icon beside a template to associate the request properties with the template.

  1. Click Associate Request Templates.

  1. Select the templates and click Associate Request Templates.

  1. Click Associate.

  1. Select the fields from the request properties to associate with the task. Click  arrow to move them to the Selected Properties menu. 

  1. Click Associate Request Properties.



Once you have associated the properties, the icon turns blue.




If any field from a request template associated with a task template gets removed, it will be removed from the request properties reference as well. The properties of a project template cannot be associated with a task template. Information from three types of fields can be associated: the default fields, additional fields, and resources fields. 


Edit Template  

  1. Click the name of the template you wish to edit.

  1. Modify the changes.

  1. Click Update.

  1. To add additional fields in the Task Template, go to Admin > Customization > Additional Field > Task.


Marking Task Templates inactive  

  1. Click the icon beside the task template. 

  1. A warning message will pop-up on the screen. Click Yes.

Inactive templates will not be listed elsewhere. 


Delete Template  

  1. In the task template list view page, select the checkbox beside the templates you wish to delete.

  1. Click Delete.

  1. Click OK to confirm.

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