Custom Triggers - Tasks

Custom Triggers - Tasks

Custom triggers execute automated actions on a task when the following events occur:
  1. Created
  2. Edited
  3. Deleted
  4. Triggered
  5. Task schedule is changed

Define Custom Triggers   

  1. Go to Admin > Automation > Custom Triggers > Task.
  2. Click Add New Action.
  3. Provide Action Name and Description.
  4. In the Execute the Action dropdown menu, select the task event to execute trigger.
  5. Define matching criteria by selecting one of the request fields and conditions. Use to add multiple criteria.
  6. To define an action, select the Action Type by choosing Execute Class or Execute Script.
  7. You can prevent other triggers from being executed on the task by enabling Stop processing subsequent Actions checkbox.
  8. Click Save

List View Actions

From the custom triggers list view page, you can manage task custom triggers as follows:
  1. Click to edit trigger details.
  2. Click to disable triggers from being executed on tasks.
  3. Click to delete a trigger.

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