Survey Reports (User Survey)

Survey Reports (User Survey)

You can view reports for an individual request survey or multiple surveys. To view aggregate results of surveys,

  • Go to Admin>>User Survey>>Survey Reports.

  • Select from the following filters and click Apply Filter.

    • Survey's publishing period

    • Survey type

    • Survey name

    • Support group

    • Support rep

  • Satisfaction level and response summary of the selected survey(s) will be represented in pie graphs. User-based reports for the filtered surveys will be displayed as well.

  • The various elements of a survey report are explained as follows:

    • Satisfaction Level: This refers to the average scores of individual surveys.

    • Response Summary: Summary of completed, partially done, and skipped surveys.

    • User-based Report: Displays individual surveys submitted by contacts. You can also filter them based on the above two factors.



To View a Specific Survey Report

  • Go to Admin >> User Survey >> Survey Settings.

  • Select a survey and click Reports.

To View the Survey Report for a Request

  • Go to Admin >> Requests.

  • Select a request and click Actions >> View Survey Result.


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