Survey Exclusion

Survey Exclusion

You can define rules to prevent the application from sending surveys to contacts based on request properties (fields). 

This is a portal-specific configuration.


To define an exclusion rule: 

    1. Go to Admin>>User Survey>>Survey Exclusion.

    2. Enable exclusion rules using the toggle button.

    3. Select the appropriate request field, condition, and value to define a rule. To add more rules, click New Rule or  icon against the existing rule.

    4. Finally, click Update.



When multiple rules are configured, you can choose to exclude the survey using different combinations of matching rules using logical operators.

View, edit, or delete survey exclusion rules 

  • To view exclusion rules, go to Admin>>User Survey>>Survey Exclusion.

  • To edit a rule, make necessary changes to the rule and click Update.

  • To delete a rule, click  icon against the rule. Click Delete to reset all rules.

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