Survey Configuration

Survey Configuration

Based on your requirements, you can create multiple surveys either to receive feedback on resolved requests or to conduct a general survey.


To configure a survey: 

    1. Go to Admin>>User Surveys>>Survey Configuration.

    2. Choose the survey type by clicking or button.

    3. In the survey configuration form, provide the necessary details as described below.        


    Provide a name for the survey


    Add a relevant description.

    Question Types

    Drag question types on the left pane to the workspace.The available question types are Binary answer questions, radio buttons, star rating scale, and numbered opinion scale.

    Toggle button: Additional comment

    If you want to collect additional comments from the user, then you can mandate comments using the Mark as Mandatory checkbox.

    Dropdown: Survey Type

    Choose Request Survey or Periodic Survey (General Survey)

    Frequency Radio buttons (For Request Surveys)

    Select preferred frequency for sending survey

    Criteria fields (For request Surveys)

    Use this to set criteria to send surveys based on request fields, condition, and value.

    Toggle button: Survey recurrence (For general survey)

    Use this to toggle repeating surveys after a certain number of days. If configured yes, then set Start Date, End date and repetition period in days.

    4. Finally, click Publish Survey.  

View, edit, preview, initiate, or delete surveys
The survey configuration page lists request and general surveys separately. To access it, go to Admin>>User Surveys>>Survey Configuration. 
  • Click the survey name to view details. To edit, make necessary changes and click Update Survey.

  • To preview a survey, click the gear icon and then select Preview.

  • To initiate a survey, click Initiate Survey. Alternatively, you can also initiate a survey using the gear icon.

  • To delete a survey, click the gear icon and then select Delete Survey.  

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