Support Rep Auto Assignment

Support Rep Auto Assignment

SupportCenter Plus allows you to configure automatic assignment of support reps to requests based on various criteria.


To configure Support Rep auto-assignment: 

    1. Go to Admin>>Users>>Support Rep Auto Assign.

    2. Click the checkbox Enable Support Rep Auto Assign.

    3. Select the assignment model, viz. Round Robin or Load Balancing. In the former model, requests are assigned to support reps in an orderly fashion, irrespective of the request queue size of each support rep. In the latter model, requests are first assigned to support reps with a smaller request queue size.

    4. Select when to assign a support rep, viz. when the request is created, edited, or both.

    5. Choose whether the auto-assignment should be applied to all requests or only to unassigned requests.

    6. To apply auto-assignment only to online support reps, click the checkbox Assign only to Online Support Rep.

    7. To exclude support reps from auto-assignment, click the checkbox Exclude following Support Reps and then click Add Support Rep to Exclude and select one or more support reps.

    8. To add exceptions to requests, click Enable Exceptions checkbox and set one or more exception criteria by choosing the required Column Name and Value.

    9. Finally, click Save. 

You can add or remove a criterion using the + or - button against it.
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