Support Policy

Support Policy

The following is the support policy of SupportCenter Plus

  • Support will be provided only for the latest SupportCenter Plus builds (released within one year from the current date). We recommend you upgrade to the latest version to continue receiving support.

  • Support for service packs is available only for the latest build. 


Support for scripts, query reports, and customizations is chargeable.
Scripts, query reports, and customizations will be offered only for builds released within one year from the current date.


Why should you upgrade? 

The latest version of SupportCenter Plus brings you new features that improve your help desk performance and enhance service delivery. In the new release, existing bugs are fixed, reducing the number of issues or breakdowns.

Please note that upgrades will be charged if a support personnel must perform the upgrade.

Help and guidance

All information about the latest versions is available here and the latest version can be downloaded from here. If you need further assistance in upgrading SupportCenter Plus, contact us at


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