Setting up Azure Application Proxy

Setting up Azure Application Proxy

An alternative to hosting SupportCenter Plus server online is to use the 'Application Proxy' feature in Azure.  You can run a connector service that acts as a proxy to SupportCenter Plus running in your local network.
To install the connector to a Windows machine that is connected to your local network, follow the instructions given below:



  • Once the connector is downloaded, install it, and log in to your Microsoft account when prompted.
  • Now head back to the Azure portal and select Configure an app to set up your SupportCenter Plus server.
  • Provide the application server name.
  • Under Internal URL, Specify the URL that can be used to access SupportCenter Plus within the internal network or localhost if the application runs in the same machine.
  • Specify the required external URL. Note that the URL must use the HTTPS protocol.
  • Under Pre Authentication, choose Passthrough.
  • Fill out the Additional Settings per requirements and save the configurations.



Once configured, the given external URL must point to SupportCenter Plus.




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