Contract Migration Disclaimer

Contract Migration Disclaimer

Rate Type:

Rate Type configuration is implemented through Bill Rules and Request & Time Entry additional fields for cost handling

  1. Request and Time Entry picklist additional fields will be created with the name "Rate type" with the previously present values of Rate Type.

  2. For every rate type, two bill rules will be created. One with criteria matching the request additional field and the other with time entry additional field.

  3. Bill rule with request additional field criteria will be used to represent rate type for an incident-based support plan.

  4. Bill rule with Time Entry additional field criteria will be used to represent rate type for Hour-based support plan.

  5. Bill rule will be created with cost as 0 and cost for the matching bill rule will be denoted in support plan level.

  6. Request additional field that was created will be associated with all request templates for cost handling of incident-based contract requests.


Support Plan:

  1. All support plans will be migrated as:

  1. Postpaid plans
  2. Contract length as bill cycle
  3. Usage beyond allowance charged at a fixed rate
  1. Every rate type configured under the support plan previously will now be represented by the bill rule created for it with the respective cost to be applied.

  2. Allowance units are configurable only in units of hours. During migration, the minutes units are ignored and only hours units will be migrated. For example, if previously the allowance was configured as 4 hours 40 minutes, after migration, the allowance would be 4 hours only.



  1. Previously, renewed contracts will be grouped under parent/base contract, whereas post-migration, each renewed contract will be maintained like an individual contract. Therefore, after migration, each renewed contract will be shown as a separate contract.

  2. As there is a provision to override cost and allowance of support plan under contract previously, post-migration we are creating support plan for every contract with cost details used under that contract level and marking created support plan as disabled. Every rate type configured under contract previously will be represented by bill rule in the support plan created for it.

  3. After migration, the Contract Description will be trimmed to 250 characters.

  4. Indefinite contracts i.e. contracts without end date are not supported in the upgraded build. Therefore, for such cases, updating the contract end date as Dec 31, 2099, in migration.

  5. Only support reps will be migrated under users to notify the list of Contract Notifications as post-migration notifying contacts is not supported.

  6. The contract Notification template will not be migrated.

  7. Allowance of Active Incident based contracts will be recalculated as post-migration allowance will be consumed only upon closing the request.


Contract Custom views:

Contract custom views will not be migrated.


Request and Time Entries:

  1. Previously, the rate type of an incident-based request will be maintained under the Time Entry level. Post-migration, as Time Entry fields won't be considered for incident-based requests to calculate the cost, rate type will be migrated as request additional field named 'Rate type' which will be used for computing cost.

  2. The rate type field of Time Entry will be migrated as the additional field named 'Rate type.'

  3. Incident-based requests, which were not considered for billing, will be marked as Non-Billable requests after migration.

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