Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

You can import account and contact information from Salesforce CRM to SupportCenter Plus. 

This is an application-wide configuration. 


To set up Salesforce CRM integration:

    1. Go to Admin > Integrations > Salesforce CRM (if only one portal is configured) or go to Global Settings > Integrations > Salesforce CRM (if multiple portals are configured).

    2. Select the module: Account or Contact.

    3. Connect to Salesforce: Provide details such as consumer/client id, consumer/client secret, username, password, and security token. 

    4. Click Connect to Salesforce.

    5. Select the portal.

    6. Fields mapping: Select the required fields based on the selected module in SupportCenter Plus with fields in Salesforce CRM and then click Save.

    7. Schedule integration frequency in hours or days.

    8. Finally, click Save.

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