Request Custom Menu

Request Custom Menu

You can create custom actions using HTML or Script file to perform a custom action on requests. 

To create a request custom menu: 

    1. Go to Admin>>Helpdesk Customizer>>Request Custom Menu.

    2. Click Add New Menu.

    3. Provide Menu Name and Description.

    4. Associate roles:

  • Choose All Roles to associate the custom menu with all roles.

  • Choose Select Roles to then add one or more roles using the combo box.

    5. Associate Templates:

  • Choose All Templates to associate the custom menu with all templates.

  • Choose Select Templates to then add one or more templates using the multi-select box.

    6. Add an action: You add an action to be performed using the custom menu either using an HTML file or a Script file.

    7. Finally, click Save. 

The custom menu will appear in the request details page under Custom Actions dropdown depending on the selected roles and/or templates. 

You can enable or disable a custom menu by clicking the green checkmark against the preferred custom under Admin>>Helpdesk Customizer>>Request Custom Menu.


A typical custom menu creation form:


 View, edit, disable, or delete custom menus


You can view all custom menus under Admin>>Helpdesk Customizer>>Request Custom Menu. 

  • To view the details of a custom menu, click the menu name.

  • To edit a custom menu, click the menu name (or the edit icon) and make necessary changes then click Save.

  • To disable a custom menu, click the green checkmark against the menu.

  • To delete a custom menu, click the delete icon against the custom menu.

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