Request Closing Rules

Request Closing Rules

SupportCenter Plus allows you to define various rules for closing a request such as mandating fields, confirming user acknowledgment, automated transitions based on tasks or dependent requests, and automated closures.   

To define closure rules: 

  • Go to Admin>>Helpdesk Customizer>>Request Closing Rules.

  • Based on your requirement, configure closing rules as described below.  

Mandating request fields for closing a request

To mandate fields for closing a request, click the checkboxes against the fields of your choice.

Confirming user acknowledgment when closing a request

Select Yes, prompt a message radio button to prompt a message. This is selected by default. To disable the prompt, select No, don't prompt a message radio button.

Transition checkbox: When all the associated tasks are completed, Move the request status to

Check this to automate transition of a request to Closed or Resolved state when all tasks under the request are completed.

Transition checkbox: Request should be completed only if its dependency requests are completed.

Check this to allow the transition of request to any completed status only when the dependent requests are completed. This is selected by default.

Resolved to Close transition radio buttons: Manual Close or Automated Close


To automatically close a resolved request after a certain number of days, select Automated Close and select a number of days. By default, manual close is selected.

Transition checkbox: Close requests automatically if approval is denied.

To automatically close requests when the approval status is denied. Using this option, you can also configure, closure after a certain number of days, closure code, closure comments, resolution, change task status to Closed/Resolved or delete pending tasks.


      3. Finally, click Save.

Typical Closure Rule:

Request closing rules are applied only to requests that do not have a life cycle configured.

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