Reply Template

Reply Template

SupportCenter Plus allows you to create reply templates that can help support reps when sending similar responses to a number of contacts. 

To create a reply template: 

    1. Go to Admin>>Helpdesk Customizer>>Reply Template.

    2. Click Add New to go to the relevant form.

    3. Now, provide a Template Name and Description

    4. Finally, click Save.

View, edit, or delete reply templates

All reply templates are listed under the reply template configuration page. To access it, go to Admin>> Helpdesk Customizer>>Reply Template. 
  • To view or edit a reply template, click the template name. To edit, make necessary changes and click Save.

  • To delete, select one or more reply templates using the checkboxes and click the delete icon.

Add inline image to a Reply Template

Go to Add Reply Template and click on the  icon to add the inline image.

Enter the Reply Message and click Save.



You can add relevant information using the rich text editor along with inline images and dynamic content using variables as required. Use $ to include variables.

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