Query Reports

Query Reports

SupportCenter Plus enables users to generate query reports to fetch information from the database. To create a query report,

  • Go Reports. This opens the All Reports page.

  • Click New Query Report. This opens the Query Editor page.

  • Select the Table Schema from the combo box say,  requests, timespent and so on. Click to view the table schema for the selected option.

  • Specify the Report Title. This is a mandatory field.

  • Specify the query to be executed for getting reports in the Query field. This is a mandatory field.

  • The logs will display all error messages on providing any wrong query.

  • Click Run Report to run query report.



  • Date Formulae: DATE_FORMAT (FROM_UNIXTIME (COLUMN_NAME/1000),'%d-%m-%Y %k: %i') 'Column Alias'.

  • Minutes Formulae: ROUND ((((COLUMN_NAME/1000)/60)) % 60) 'Minutes'.

  • Hours Formulae: ROUND (((COLUMN_NAME/1000)/3600)) 'Hours'.

  • Compare Date: COLUMN_NAME >= (UNIX_TIMESTAMP (DATE ('2006-07-24 00:00:00')) * 1000).

  • Convert Memory in GB: ((((MEMORY_COLUMN)/1024)/1024)/1024)

  • Default Value For Null Data: COALESCE (COLUMN_NAME, 'Unassigned')

  • Group by: Query statement will be ends with order by <column_index>


Additional Field tables

  • Request Additional Fields - WorkOrder_Fields

  • Contact Additional Fields - Contact_Fields

  • Support Rep Additional Fields - Support_Rep_Fields

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