Pre-defined Reports

Pre-defined Reports

SupportCenter Plus provides you with pre-defined reports that can be classified as Accounts, Request, and Request Timespent reports. Support Reps with administrator privilege and complete access permission over Reports module can edit these pre-defined reports to suit their needs.

Account Reports

These reports consists of account related reports based on account city and account country.


Reports by All Requests

These reports provide you with a graphical view of all open and closed requests by category, group, created date, department, due date, level, priority, status, support rep, status by category, status by level, status by priority, status by a support rep.


Reports by Completed Requests

These reports show the distribution of completed and closed requests. Similar to Report by all request, these reports are also generated based on various parameters such as category, group, due date, level, mode, priority and request date.  


Reports by SLA Violated requests

These reports display the distribution of the requests that have violated the SLA that was applicable to them. You can view these violations based on the request category, group, support rep who handled the request and so on.


Reports by Pending Requests

This shows the distribution of all pending requests for a specific period of time, based on different parameters, such as priority, support rep, category, due date, request date and so on.


Request Summary Reports

These reports provide you with a high-level view of the requests received and closed during a particular period, date-wise. The summary reports available are the received request summary reports by date, closed request summary reports by date, and reopened request summary reports by date. These reports are generated on the parameters of request received or closed by support reps; request received or closed in a specific category, priority, level, and mode; and request reopened by category and support rep.


Request Timespent Reports

These reports provide information on the support rep's time spent on requests and the cost per support rep based on the time spent. You can group the report information based on category, contact, and support rep attending to the request. The time spent report by contact gives you an idea on the cost per contact and the number of requests.

Survey Reports

These reports provide you with the summary details on the survey results based on various parameters such as category, level, mode, priority, contact, and support rep. All these reports help in measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the support team and take respective corrective actions. 

By default, the reports will be created for the current week. You can choose any custom period of your choice or choose to create reports for last week, or this month, or for just this day. All these reports can be used for analysis purposes. For example, the reports mapped against the parameter support rep can be used to measure the support rep's responsiveness and load handling capability.

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