Merge contacts

Merge contacts

You to merge duplicate contacts based on Login Name or Email Address in different domains. 

To merge contacts 

    1. Navigate to Contact List View and click Merge User button.

    2. Select the criteria to identify the duplication either Login Name or Email Address, enter the domain names and then click Apply Filter.

    3. Select the accounts to be merged and select the parent domain and click Merge user(s). 

  1. You can access Contact List View either from Contacts module or from Contacts tab in Accounts Details Page/Sub-Account Details Page.
  2. To access account-specific Contact List View, go to Accounts tab and select an account of your choice and then click Contacts tab in the Account Details Page.
  3. To access the sub-account specific Contact List View, go to Accounts tab and select an account of your choice. In the Account Details Page, select the sub-account of your choice from the Sub-Accounts section. Now, select Contacts tab in the Sub-account Details Page.
  4. You can initiate a merge process only when no other merge process is underway.
  5. ‚ÄčAll Admins will be notified when a merge process is completed. 

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