Linking Requests

Linking Requests

Linking requests allows you to keep track of requests from different contacts with similar issues. Linking requests is a unidirectional operation with two entities viz. linked request and referenced request. If request A is linked to request B, then request A is the linked request and request B is the referenced request. A single referenced request can have multiple linked requests and not vice-versa. 

To link requests:

    1. Go to the Requests tab and then click the subject line of the request that you want to be the referenced request.

    2. Select Link Requests from the Actions drop-down menu.

    3. In the link request window, select the requests that you want to be linked to the current request and click Link Requests.

    4. Add comments and click Link Requests. 

Alternatively, you can select requests from the request list view and then click Link Requests from the Actions drop-down menu. Add comments and click Link Requests. Here, the oldest request will be considered as the referenced request.



View linked requests and unlinking requests


  1. If a request is a linked request, then you can see the details as Linked to on the right-side pane in the request details page. To remove link, hover over Linked to and click Unlink. 
  2. If the request is the reference request, then you can see the details as Linked Requests on the right-side pane in the request details page. To remove linking, click the number against Linked Requests. Now, select the requests that you want to be unlinked and then click Remove Links.

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