ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus is a web-based, customer support software application that helps businesses track, manage, and resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. SupportCenter Plus offers request management, solution management, account management, contact management, contract management, billing, and reports.

SupportCenter Plus is also available for Android and iOS decives. To download, follow the links below:

SupportCenter Plus for Android
SupportCenter Plus for iOS


Request Management

The Requests module in SupportCenter Plus offers various tools to manage requests. Customers can raise requests through phone calls, emails, forms, or a web-portal. Apart from the standard web-interface to raise requests, the web-portal also allows customers to raise requests through the integrated live chat feature. A built-in ticketing system tracks, routes, and assigns requests to support representatives.

Solution Management

The Solutions module is a central repository of tried and tested solutions. In this module, support representatives can create articles for commonly encountered issues and resolved requests. These articles are stored as a knowledge base that support reps can search through solutions and resolve issues. Even customers can access these articles.

Contact Management

All customers in SupportCenter Plus are managed as contacts. A contact can be an individual customer or can be associated with an account. You can manage all your customers under the Contacts module, where you can add, delete, edit, or merge contacts.

Account Management

SupportCenter Plus offers account management to maintain customer information. Accounts help support representatives to view and manage customer information, purchased products, and the type of service to be provided. You can effectively manage customer accounts by associating contacts, sales, tasks, and contracts to corresponding accounts. You can also create sub-accounts to manage customers with multiple branches.


Contract Management & Billing

Businesses can offer different types of services to different customers depending on the agreements. These service agreements are called contracts. These contracts are associated with respective customer accounts and they are based on specific products and time periods. The Contracts module allows you to manage contracts and the Billing module allows you to generate and view bills based on accounts and contracts.


Product Management

The Product module allows you to build an inventory of all products that you offer to your customers. This inventory helps associate purchased products with the respective customer accounts to provide relevant support to the customers.



SupportCenter Plus offers a comprehensive set of tools in the Reports module to evaluate and analyze the efficiency and performance of support representatives. You can generate various types of reports, including account reports, request reports, summary reports, and survey reports. You can also customize reports using Custom Reports option.

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