Import SSL Certificate

Import SSL Certificate

To run the application in a secure HTTPS protocol, you have to import an SSL certificate.

This is an application-wide configuration.
To import an SSL certificate: 

    1. Go to Admin>>General Settings>>Import SSL Certificate (if only one portal is configured) or go to Global Settings>>General Settings>>Import SSL Certificate (if multiple portals are configured).

    2. Click browse and import the SSL certificate obtained from a CA. The supported file formats are cer, crt, p7b, keystore, jks, and pfx. 

    3. Depending on the file type, do one of the following.
      • For .pfx, .keystore, or.jks files, provide the keystore password and click Import. 
      • For .cer or .crt files, provide the keystore file and the password and select the upload method for the intermediate/root certificate. Then, click Import.
      • For the .p7b file, just provide the keystore file and the password and click Import. 

    3. Restart the application for the changes to take effect. 

Password not required for Private Keys in .key files

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