Header Quick Links

Header Quick Links


Header quick links is a set of actions that are grouped into a horizontal bar below the header pane for quick and easy access. 



The following quick link options are available.

  • Quick Create

  • New Request/Request Catalog

  • Quick Actions

  • Recent Items

  • Scribble Pad

  • System Notifications


Quick Create


This option is used to create a request with a minimum set of information.  

    1. To quick-create a request, click the quick create icon and provide contact name, account name, request title, and description (optional).

    2. Finally, click Save. 



For more detailed information on creating a request, click here.  

New Request/Request Catalog

If only default request template is available:

    1. Click New Request to go to request creation form.

    2. Provide necessary details and click Submit Request. 

If multiple request templates are available: 

    1. Click Request Catalog and select the request template to go to request creation form.

    2. Provide necessary details and click Submit Request. 

For more detailed information on creating a request, click here.


Quick Actions


This option allows you to perform various actions from different modules.




Recent Items


This option provides a list of recently visited records in different modules.



Scribble Pad


Scribble pad is a quick-and-easy option to take notes. To access it, click the scribble pad icon.



System Notifications


Application related notifications such as availability of updates, patches etc are populated under system notification. To access it click, system notification icon.

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