Global Search

Global Search

The global search in the header pane allows you to search different types of records using various parameters. Depending on the current page, the global search changes the input record type. For example, if the current page is the request list view, then the global search is automatically set to search requests based on a specific parameter.


The available types of records and their parameters are as follows. 


Record Type

Search Parameters


Default Search: To search all request fields.

Notes: To search only notes across requests

Time Entry: To search only time entry fields across requests

Resolution: To search resolution fields across requests

Request ID: To search only requests ids.

Tag: To search only tags added to requests

Archived Requests

Default Search: To search all request fields.

Request ID: To search only requests ids.


Not Applicable

System Log

Not Applicable


Not Applicable


You can change the input search parameter by clicking the dropdown beside the search icon and selecting the preferred parameter. 

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