You can establish a relationship between requests when resolving one of the requests is dependent on other requests. 

To add a dependency: 

    1. Go to the Requests tab and then click the subject line of the desired request.

    2. Select Add Dependency from the Actions drop-down menu.

    3. Now, select one or more parent requests for the dependent or child request and click Add dependency. 

View, edit, or delete dependencies


You can perform various dependency-related actions from the dependency list view. To access it, go to the Requests tab and click the subject line of the desired request and then click Dependencies tab.

  • In the dependency list view that appears, you can view all requests based on the dependency relationship. This shows the complete dependency map.

  • To view dependency map specific to a request, go to the dependency list view and click   or   icons against the request. You can edit or delete relationships within the dependency map.

  • You can delete multiple dependencies by selecting one or more requests under Dependency tab and then click the delete icon.

  1. The Dependency tab is available only after the first dependency is established.
  2. Subsequent dependencies can be added from the Dependency tab.

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