Custom Views for Solutions

Custom Views for Solutions

Custom Views  

You can use custom views to create your own customized page to display the solutions based on specific criteria. This helps you sort and view solutions of your priority and requirement.

Custom views tabulate All Solutions, by default. You can click the custom view drop-down to filter the solutions listed.

  1. Click to mark custom views as favorites. You can also reorder the custom views in the drop-down by using .
  2. To manage solution custom views, click on the custom views drop-down in solution list or classic view.

Create Custom Views   

  1. In Manage Views page, click New Custom View.
  2. Specify the filter name in the given text field. This is a mandatory field.
  3. Specify the filter condition by selecting the column, operator, and criteria. You can add multiple conditions by clicking .
  4. You can add nested conditions by drag a condition over the other condition. Nested are denoted with a drop-down icon.
  5. Select Mark as public to allow other users to use the filter. By default, the filter will be private.
  6. Click Save.

You can sample the custom filter before saving by clicking Preview.
Only SDAdmins can create public custom views.

List View Operations   

  1. Click to edit a custom view or mark it as private.
  2. Click the to change the filter visibility to private or vice-versa.
  3. Click to search through custom views.
  4. Select the custom views and click on the toolbar to delete them.
  5. You cannot edit or delete default custom views.

Track History   

  1. Click View History on the Manage Views page to track all operations performed on the solution custom views.
  2. The history logs are grouped by date. You can expand or collapse each date group.
  3. Use the Choose Date drop-down to list history logs by date or periodicity. You can also sort the logs listed using the   icon.
Use the filter field to list the history logs by fields or operations.

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