Chat Settings

Chat Settings

You can configure various chat-related settings under Admin>>Apps & Add-ons>>Chat Settings. 

You the toggle button to enable/disable the chat for both contacts and support reps.


Contact-specific settings


You can configure the following contact-specific settings under Contacts Settings tab.


Enable/disable chat feature for contacts using the toggle button.


Chat Response Time: To configure chat response time, enter the preferred time in seconds in the textbox.


Preferences: You can enable or disable the following using the respective toggle buttons.

  • Automatically create request from the closed chat

  • Assign support rep for the request create from closed chat.

  • Allowing contacts to initiate a chat.

  • Mandate support groups to initiate chat.



Exclusions: You can exclude chat feature for specific customer accounts, support group, or support rep. To do this, select one or more accounts, support groups, or support reps from the respective combo boxes.



Excluding support groups or support reps in under Contact Settings prevent only the chat interaction with the contacts. 


Configure Messages: Customize your Welcome Message, Missed chat message, and Transfer chat message using the respective text boxes.



Support rep-specific settings


Under Support Rep settings tab, you can do the following using the respective toggle buttons. 

  • Enable/disable chat feature for support reps.

  • Enable/disable chat feature during request collaboration.   



Integrate Live Chat


You can also integrate live chat with your website as described below.

    1. Go to Admin>>Apps & Add-ons>>Chat Settings.

    2. Click Integrate Live Chat on the left pane.

    3. Click Add Live Chat toggle button.

    4. Copy the displayed code and paste it just before the closing tag of the website's HTML source code.

    5. Click Save.


Missed Chat Notifications  

Missed Chat Notifications are sent to Support Reps when they leave a chat unattended for a specific time interval. These notifications are sent by email.

Configure Missed Chat Notification  

  1. Go to Admin > Apps & Add-ons > Chat Settings > Chat Notifications.
  2. Enable Missed Chat Notification.
  3. A notification template is displayed with pre-populated subject and notification message. By default, a chat transcript is included for better chat insights.

  1. Click on the notification template to add or modify notification details. Type $ in the TO and CC fields to include recipients from organization roles. Supported organization roles are:
    1. $CEO
    2. $CIO
    3. $COO
    4. $CFO
    5. $General_Manager
    6. $Regional_Manager
    7. $Regional_Incharge
    8. $Site_Incharge
    9. $Site_Manager
    10. $Dept_Head
    11. $Department_Incharge
    12. $Department_Approver
    13. $Group_Incharge
    14. $Reporting_To
  2. Click Save Template.

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