You can use advisory to add information such as consultative opinions, announcements of issues, contract expiry notice etc.


To add an advisory to an account: 

    1. Go to the Accounts tab and then click the desired account name.

    2. In the account details page, go to the Advisory section and then click Add Advisory.

    3. In the editor that appears, add relevant information and click Save. 


Make sure to enable the checkbox
Display in Request Details view page to display the advisory on all requests from the contacts associated with the account.

View, edit, or delete an advisory


You can perform various advisory-related actions from the account details page. To access it, go to the Accounts tab and then click the desired account name. 

  • The Advisory section in the account details page displays all advisory notes added to the account.

  • To edit, click the edit icon against the advisory. Make the necessary changes and click Save.

  • To delete an advisory, click the delete icon against the advisory. 


  1. By default, the advisory is displayed on all requests from the account. To modify it, uncheck the relevant checkbox before saving. Alternatively, you can modify it using the Show in Request Details toggle button against the respective advisory.
  2. Advisories are not supported for sub-accounts.