Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

You can set up Advanced Analytics tools with SupportCenter Plus that help in business reporting and decision making. The supported integrations are as follows. 

  • ManageEngine Analytics Plus (on-premises application)

  • Zoho Analytics (cloud application)

This configuration is available only for the default portal.


To set up Advanced Analytics integration:

    1. Go to Admin>>Integrations>>Advanced Analytics.

    2. Click Setup Advanced Analytics Integration

    3. Under the Initial Setup tab, do one of the following in the Credentials section.

      1.  For on-premises setup, select ManageEngine Analytics Plus radio button and enter the details: hostname/IP address, HTTPS port number, username, and password. 
      2.  For cloud setup, select Zoho Analytics radio button and then enter the details: Datacenter, Zoho E-mail ID, and Zoho AT Key. 

    4. Enter a date in Synchronize From field to configure initial data synchronization.

    5. Click Save.

You can enable or disable advanced analytics using the Enable Advanced Analytics menu checkbox.

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