Adding an Account

Adding an Account

To add a new account: 

    1. Go to the Accounts tab and then click New.

    2. Now, provide necessary account details as required. The default account fields available are as follows. 



Account Name

Give account a unique name. This is a mandatory field.


Select the Industry from the list.

Domain Name

List all domain names of the customers. This allows requests from contacts to be automatically associated with respective accounts.

Time Zone

Enter customer Time Zone.


Add a description

Annual Revenue

Annual revenue from the customer

Address Fields

Add address details with various lines and fields like Postal Code, Landmark, State, and Country.

Contact Information Fields

Add contact information such as E-mail ID, Fax No., Phone No., Web URL.


Add any customer attachments (images of files) specific to the portal.

Global Attachments

Add any relevant attachments (images of files) that should be available across portals.


        3.   Finally, click Add.

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