Add Sales

Add Sales

To add sales: 

    1. Go to the Accounts tab and then click the desired account.

    2. In the account details page, click Sales tab and then click Add Sales.

    3. In the add sales form, provide the necessary sales details as required. The default sales fields are as follows. 

Field Name


Account Name

This field specifies the name of the account under which the new sale is being created. This is a non-editable field.

Date of Sale

To enter the sale date.

Product Name

Select the product from the drop-down list. This is a mandatory field.

Warranty Period

Enter warranty period.

No of Units

Enter the total number of products sold to the customer in the current sale.

Unit Price

Enter product price for a single unit.


Enter discount in currency value if applicable

Tax Rate

Enter tax in percentage if applicable.

Net Price

This is calculated field. The value is calculated based on the values provided in the fields: No of Units, Unit Price, Discount, and Tax Rate.  


Add relevant comments.



         4.   Finally, click Save.  

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