Add a new product

Add a new product

To add a new product: 

    1. Go to the Products tab and then click New Product.

    2. In the new product form, provide the necessary product details as required. The default product fields are as follows.


Field Name


Product Type

To give product a type. You can select product type from the existing list or add new type. To add a new product type, click . The product types helps to classify products. This is a mandatory field.

Product Name

To give product a name. This is field should have a unique value. This is a mandatory field.

Unit Price

Enter product price for a single unit.

Warranty Period

To add warranty period in years and/or month.

Part No.

Enter part number as provided by the product manufacturer.


Add relevant comments.


To add files such as product images, manuals, or any other relevant files.


        3.   Finally, click Save.


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