Account Manager

Account Manager

Account managers are users who take care of their associated customer account(s) and keep them up to date. Account managers can view all requests raised in their associated account and coordinate with support reps to ensure quicker resolution.   

To configure an account manager,

  1. Go to Admin >> Users >> Account Managers. This opens the list view of account managers in the application.

  2. Click New.

  3. Add the account manager details using the pointers given below:

    • Name: Enter a name.

    • Employee ID: Provide an employee ID.

    • Primary Email: Enter a primary email address.

    • Phone: Enter a phone number.

    • Mobile: Enter a mobile number.

    • Login Name: Provide a unique login name.

    • Password: Enter a password.

    • Retype Password: Retype the password to confirm.

  4. Click Save. If you want to add another account manager, click Save and Add New.



 Creating Requests 

Account managers can create requests on behalf of contacts in their associated account, if enabled by the administrator.

To enable account managers to create requests,

  • Go to Admin >> Self-Service Portal Settings. If you have configured multiple portals, this option will be available under Global Settings >> Application Settings.

  • In the option Allow Account Manager to Create Requests, choose Yes.

  • Click Save.



Edit or Delete Account Managers 

You can view the list of all account managers under Admin >> Users >> Account Managers.

  • To edit an account manager's details, click >> Edit. Make the necessary changes and click Save.



  • To delete an account manager from the application,

  • Click the checkbox beside the required account manager and click . A confirmation message pops up.

  • Click Yes. The selected account manager(s) will be deleted from all portals across the application.


Associate Account Manager 

To associate an account manager with an account,

  1. Go to Accounts. Choose an account to which you want to assign an account manager and click Edit.

  2. Select a user from the Account Manager drop-down list.

  3. Click Save. 

 If you have configured multiple portals in the application, the account manager will be automatically associated to all the portals associated with the selected account.

You can associate a
single account manager with multiple accounts, but you cannot associate multiple account managers with a single account.




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